Effetre / Moretti Frit Reference

Effetre 1 Effetre 2 Effetre 3 Effetre 4
004-023 024-036 038-050 052-064
Effetre 5 Effetre 6 Effetre 7 Effetre 8
065-073 076-204 208-218 219-236
Effetre 9 Effetre 10 Effetre 11 Effetre 12
240-255 256-266 268-287 294-419
Effetre 13 Effetre 14 Effetre 15 Effetre 16
420-440 441-641 642-682 683-709
Effetre 17 Effetre 18 Effetre 19  
710-721 727-732 Some colors released
after May 2010

Light Sources Matter

Purple glass is a very difficult color to capture in an image - just ask most lampworkers. For this reason, depending on the light source, some of the frits on these charts can appear as bluish or purplish. I don't like to alter the colors of the charts, so keep that in mind. Here is a chart I made with the same rods in both kinds of lighting.

When considering a light source for your studio, photography, or when doing a show, light source matters. Permission is given to put this chart or link on your site or whatever so that you can show it to your customers if you include any of these colors in your work.

You can watch the glass being made here.

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