SVG from and for Illumination


Why do this? I'm learning Illumination in the SCA and I've had a vision

for quite some time for something I want to do. In order to do that, I

needed a black and white version of a particulear letter to color in.

The only versions I could find left something to be desired when printed

out. They were way to pixelated for my taste, so I sat down in front of my

computer and using Corel  and a LOT of lines, I curved them just so and

placed them, one by one, where they needed to be. It took me about 10 hours

a day, 7 days a week, for about 3 weeks but I finally got the results I wanted.


Now I am well aware that if there is something I want to do, someone else

somewhere may also want the same thing. This is the very reason for

this website exists. Because of my nature, I give things away. With that

thought in mind, I'm placing this SVG here for you to download and keep

and use for whatever, as long as it's not going to be mass marketed.


This SVG is from an Illumination from the from Psautier d’Oswald.

For more info about this Psalter, please visit Wikipedia.

Here is the Original...

B from the Psaulter d'Oswald Original   Just click on the image to enlarge.


And here is the SVG. It will open up in your brower when you click on the image. Then just

hover your mouse over the image, click with the right button and select "Save As". Take note

of where you are saving the file so you can get to it later when you want it.


Happy Painting!



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