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          Listen-up Listserv membership is restricted to parents of deaf/hard of hearing children only and was created to support their informational and emotional needs. These children have varied degrees of hearing loss. They are oral, use various forms of sign language, cue, have cochlear implants, wear hearing aids, use assistive listening devices. They are mainstreamed, educated in self-contained classrooms and attending schools for the deaf. Their commonality is that they all must be educated and as parents we must ensure that the educational system works for them and that society gives them a chance to succeed.

     The main purpose of this group is to advocate for the rights of our children and to make life as good for them as it can possibly be for a child with a hearing loss. We share problems, strategies, successes and failures. We provide moral support, advice and share methodologies. The key to the success of this group is that we respect each parent's decision to educate their hearing impaired child in the fashion that they have chosen. We do not debate strategies, though we may share our experiences with different approaches. Some of us are encountering major hurdles in educating our children in mainstreamed settings. Others are quite lucky to be working within very progressive school systems willing to accommodate their children's needs. Either way, we all share the emotional burden of raising children who are different because they are "hearing impaired."

     This is a group of parents united. All of the parents are equal members and each one has value in their own right.


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