Lampworking - Beads From the Past - both history's and mine
                   Resources for the Lampworker:
                     Playing Around With Striking Silver Glasses
                     A Study of Double Helix' Pandora Glass
                     Frit: A Visual Reference                              
                     Wet Canvas & Lampwork Etc. Color Mixing Charts
                     Tea Staining Alternatives Chart
                     Thompson Enamels Color Chart
                     Pearl Powder Charts - Pearl-Ex & Pixie Dust Powders
                     Easy Murrine
                     The Mysteries of Effetre 069 Electric/Striking Yellow
Resources made by others
Color Charts Effetre, Lauscha, Ornela and Vetrofond
Here are some glass related forums you might enjoy
Art Glass Answers - "You've got Questions, we've got Answers"
Frit Happens -
Glass Bead Makers - "The online community for glass bead makers"
Lampwork Etc. - "A friendly place to bring together glass and jewelry artists"
The Melting Pot - "Where all glass artists melt together"
WetCanvas! - Glass Art - "Cyber living for artists"

Backgrounds - Deaf/HOH

Embroidery Machine Patterns - Deaf/HOH
Cross Stitch - Deaf/HOH
                        SCA- Badges of Ansteorra - Orders, Awards, & Offices

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