Wet Canvas & Lampwork Etc. Color Mixing Chart 3

Solid Mixes     Layers     Enamels

One of the advantages to mixing with enamels is you don't have to deal with
the chemical reactions between one color and another. Enamels do have a
lower melting point than Effetre, so when annealing, take care to not havee
the bead touching another bead or anything else as it can get a bit sticky.
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Unless otherwise specified, all enamels are mixed with Moretti/Effetre. 104 COE.

Be sure to take safety precautions when working with enamels. Your lungs
will not appreciate finely ground glass particles in them.
Please note that due to variations in monitors, settings, and color batches
from the factory, your results may vary from those seen here.

I can't give you an exact recipe for these colors so here you will find the color enamel mixed with what color of glass.

This set was mixed with Effetre 004 Clear giving each of the colors a milky look:



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