Lucet Cord

Here is a picture of a display I did showing the different types of cord I made using a Lucet. Click on the graphic to get a better look at it.

Our lucets were handcrafted using Red Oak and have a Tung Oil finish. The pattern for the Double Lucet comes from Lady Lidia Lijovich of Ragusa.

Note: I no longer make Lucets, but will leave the pictures of mine up as an inspiration to those of you interested in making your own.

Here is the double lucet put together

Luceting instructions can be found on these fine pages:

Luceting techniques have actually been used in a variety of ways - with any number of prongs. I contend that Luceting done on a single prong is the same as crocheting a chain stitch. There has been much talk of the Knitting Nelly being an offspring of the Lucet. I've used this successfully with 3 prongs and up. Here is a page I found that talks about this very thing.

The Lost Art of Knitting Nancys

Have fun and enjoy Luceting!


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