Beads From The Past

(Both History's and Mine)


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Viking Treasure Necklace When I first started making beads, what I wanted to most be able to make was a replica of a Viking Treasure Necklace. Here is my final version. To read more about this necklace or to see a larger picture of it, please click on the picture. I have now made a second Treasure necklace. Check out the changes now that I've been at it for 22 years.

See details about Necklace 1                     See details about Necklace 2
                   Treasure Necklace 2    
Beads Here are some beads out of history I've re-created. Click on the graphic to get a better look. These project was my first attempt at bead making.
In 2004 I had the very good fortune of visiting the Bead Museum in Washington DC a few months before they closed and the beads there were sent back to the donators. I took lots of picutres while I was there. If you want to see those pictures, I have them on my Pinterest page. Just click on the picture to visit. I strongly suggest you bookmark this page because your browser may not bring you back after you visit Pinterest. The last time I checked, you could still get their book with pictures and explanations of the bead trading patterns and all that good stuff. See if you can score a copy for youself at Amazon. What do I think of the book? Not only did I get a copy for myself when I was there, I have purchased 3 to hand out to honoured friends.
Here is a Paternoster that I made. A Paternoster is a medieval form of the Rosary and was used to keep track of how many "Our Father" prayers were said. This was a challenge for me because I was still new to making beads and I had never tried to make any beads that were matched for size - and this set required 50 of them! It was, however, an excellent task for practiceing. I also made the luceted cord that it's strung on.
Sunshine And here is a very special bead that I made and presented to Mrs. White, founder of the Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children.


These beads were made with waterslide decals that I made up myself. The single bead is on a luceted cord that I also made myself.



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