Lampworking - Beads From the Past - both history's and mine

Resources for the Lampworker:

Frit: A Visual Reference - This is where you'll find the bulk of my studying glass can be found. This is my studies in the properties of the glasses and how they react with each other.

Playing Around With Striking Silver Glasses

Thompson Enamels Color Chart

Is it Purple or is it Blue?

Wet Canvas & Lampwork Etc. Color Mixing Charts

A Study of Double Helix' Pandora Glass - You'll find a lot more of my studies about this glass can be found in the Frit section.

Tea Staining Alternatives Chart

Pearl Powder Charts - Pearl-Ex & Pixie Dust Powders

Easy Murrine - It has been said that you can't find directions online for making these little gems. I've had this page online for many, many years and have to inclination to take it down.

The Mysteries of Effetre 069 Electric/Striking Yellow


Forums you might enjoy:

Lampwork Etc. - "A friendly place to bring together glass and jewelry artists" - I hang out there a lot. You may have to search for what you want, but it's somewhere there. My name there is Listenup.

Frit Happens - "For when the Frit hits the fan"

The Melting Pot - "Where all glass artists melt together" Mostley for Glassblowers, but lampworkers are welcome too.

CraftWEB Hot Glass Talk - An on-line Community for Professional Craft Arts. This one too is mostly for makers & glassblowers. I tried to join this one but they said lampworker's didn't meet the criteria for joining. I understand and respect them drawing lines. I run a few non-glass groups and I have to draw lines too.


Facebook - Here are a few that I belong to. I've weeded out those that are for selling or buying beads only. These beads are for chatting about and sharing info about making beads.

Lampwork 104 Silver Glass

Lampwork Tips, Techniques, and Questions

Lampwork Tutorials

Lampwork Bead Addicts Talk-Learn-Share


Video Tutorials: - Youtube offers a bunch of them. I have a few I plan to make. Check here for one's I've done.

Glass Safety -

Where to Work in the Flame - This one is not specific to the torch or weather it's a single or dual gas torch. This little trick will let the glass tell you the ideal place is to work in the flame with lampworking glass.





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